Enclume Materials

Flat bar steel is the raw material underpinning our business.

To start we purchase the best hot-rolled steel available – from the largest and most consistent mill – to provide the backbone for our hammered steel products. This material is ideally-suited for the transformation we accomplish to reveal the rich, distressed look of our signature finish.

Next, Enclume pioneered shaping stainless steel into cookware racks. We continue on with a variety of stainless products, all crafted from the finest 304 material on the market. And today the process for brushing our stainless bar to a uniform satin finish has improved to near perfection.

Finally we come to our jewel-like plated products. Copper, chrome or brass –the key for all is top quality cold-rolled steel. We buy this level of material because it alone can be processed to accept the type of plating that can be polished to an unblemished, mirror finish. A plated rack from Enclume is expensive, and now you know why. It is also the best.

We purchase some other items for our products, like hanging grids for our pot racks or eastern maple tops for our kitchen furniture. Here our standards are simple – the quality must equal or exceed that of what we fabricate ourselves. Why would we ever diminish the quality of our own work with inferior inputs of others? Not a chance!

To read more about our quality, read more in Workmanship and Materials.

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