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About Us

Enclume Design Products operates a single factory located in the far northwestern reaches of Washington State, in the rural town of Port Hadlock.  Enclume is pronounced “ahn-kloom”, which is French for anvil–connoting rugged durability and hand crafted, classic designs.  Enclume’s craftsmanship spans over four decades.

The foundation for metal crafting at Enclume combines time-honored French techniques with imported French forming equipment.  Labor input into Enclume’s products is high, necessitated by careful creation of distinctive kitchen cookware racks and hearthware.  Here handcraftsmanship means each of the six or so major components composing a product receives skilled handling at least six times.  There is no assembly line.

Hammered steel is Enclume’s signature finish.  By tumbling bar steel in gigantic tumblers, a distressed patina is developed which is velvety and warm.  These hammered steel bars are then formed and decorative appointments added at the forge.  The completed elements are then dipped in a high quality acrylic finish which provides water resistance, and enhanced feel and color.  Then as each product is inspected and packed for shipment it receives an Enclume logo button to proudly display.

From cutting and punching raw steel to applying the final strip of packing tape, Enclume employees are dedicated to Enclume’s hands-on process to provide customers with quality, functional products that look great and last.

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