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12" Decor Link Chain Hammered Steel

Handcrafted in the USA, this Enclume® Decor chain is of lighterweight stock than our Premier chain and balances with our Decor racks. Enclume's Signature "Hammered Steel" finish with a protective clear coating matches any of our Hammered Steel racks. Our "S" hooks hold one end of the chain and the other end of the chain slides over our ceiling hooks. Made of 3/16″ links, each length lowers the rack approximately 1 inch – 12 links per foot. Sold by the foot only. 

● 3/16" Thick Steel, Professional Grade
● Forged by our Skilled Craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest, USA
● Cut to custom size in 1 foot increments
● Mount directly into Studs or in Drywall safely using our Super Strong Togglers.
● Dimensions:  12" L   Weight: 1 lb.
● 5 Year Limited Warranty
Hammered Steel

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