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4.5" Straight Pot Hooks 6 Pack

Pack of six hooks crafted of superior solid, high carbon, steel or 304 Stainless Steel. These pot hooks coordinate with Enclume's Signature "Brushed Stainless Steel", Hammered Steel, or plated finishes to deliver our expected beauty, durability, and strength for lasting value and enjoyment. The hook end is at a right angle so that cookware nests together for space saving storage. Note: Custom orders or plated finishes may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

● 6 Straight 4.5" Pot Hooks
● 3/16" Solid Steel or 304 Stainless Steel  Professional Grade
● Made in the Pacific Northwest, USA
● Dimensions:  4.5" L   Weight: 1 lb.
● 5 Year Limited Warranty
Hammered Steel
Stainless Steel
Copper Plated
Chrome Plated
Brass Plated

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